Here at Allure Welding, we pride ourselves on our quality and on-time delivery of our work. We are based in the Industrial area in Pinjarra and we are available for onsite quoting for large jobs. Our services also include the offer of onsite works with a pick-up and delivery service.

Allure Welding have been around a while and with our many years of experience and offer you a solution to your metal repair and fabrication needs. We’re here to help you from concept to delivery.

We offer a vast range of services by highly skilled and experienced metal fabricators and our focus has always been on our customer - ensuring you get the outcome you expected.

So come and see us today and let us provide an obligation free quote to get your repair or fabrication job on the way.

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  • I met Wayne at a remote fishing beach on our travels in the Northwest last year. Whilst getting to know him Wayne told me that he made aluminium canopies & trays amongst other things which I was interested in. Once I returned to Perth I went to Wayne's workshop in Pinjarra and he drew up a plan for my tray, canopy, toolboxes and water tanks. Going through the process I made many changes and it wasn't a problem for Wayne to do so. As the job progressed I was made very welcome to come to the workshop to view the project and Wayne was the most obliging and helpful person with his knowledge to make my job a cut above the rest.

    The end product has far exceeded my expectations and I am a very fussy person when it comes to this type of thing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Allure Welding to anyone that asks as the service and professionalism was unbelievable. It is good to see that in this day and age there are still some companies that go the extra mile and care.

    Brent & Bev Wilson